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In September of 2017 Hurricane Irma hit central Florida and at 3am it hit DreamCatcher Horse rescue. All the animals were safe but the rescue sustained significant damage to their barns and fencing. 

A Home For Every Horse In Action was created to provide additional support to rescues that have been impacted by natural disasters but to also say thank you, thank you for all the hard work they do every day for the horses even when mother nature gives them a challenge. Hurricanes have hit the southern part of the United States the last few years with complete devastation in some areas. When A Home For Every Horse started the process to look for a rescue that needed help, it was narrowed down by state then by researching rescues that have a good community support when rebuilding but also have a good program when rehoming and educating the public on proper horse ownership. DreamCatcher Horse Rescue in Clermont, Florida came up as a rescue that needed additional help recovering and that had the support of their whole community but also that volunteers weren’t just people they were family. They do everything they can for the 50 horses that are on their property to ensure they are well taken care of and to find their forever homes. They continue to raise funds to help rebuild some of their barns and when A Home For Every Horse saw what they were doing it was an easy selection to choose them as our next surprise. 

We are excited to show a video that has been in the making with one of the most impactful moments A Home For Every Horse, Purina and the Clydesdales could give to such a deserving rescue. Thank you DreamCatcher Horse rescue for everything you do!

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Hope’s Legacy Equine Rescue was founded in 2008 when we took in our first donkey. Since then they have taken in over 450 horses, ponies, mules, and donkeys.

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