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December 17, 2018 Amanda Bodkin

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BOULDER, Colo.—Exchanging gifts is a holiday tradition. But how often do we give back in a meaningful way to those who give endlessly of themselves?

This year, A Home For Every Horse—with help from its partners Tractor Supply Company and Purina—had an opportunity to do just that. As a result, a tireless rescuer of needy horses received aid in her own hour of need.

Fast-Moving Flames

On the morning of March 17, Teri Allen, founder of Terolyn Horse Rescue in Elizabeth, Colorado, was at the animal hospital with a sick horse when she received a chilling phone call. Her husband, Jim, reported that their house was on fire—and then the phone went dead.

Frantic efforts to reconnect finally yielded the news that her family was safe. Leaving her patient in good hands, Allen rushed back to the farm. But by the time she got there, most of her house and belongings were gone, consumed by fast-moving flames.

“My teenage children were home alone at the time,” she recounted. “They heard glass break in the garage, opened the door to the garage and saw it was filled with smoke. They immediately called 911 and their dad, who was next door, then managed to rescue our dogs and cats, getting everyone safely out of the house.”

There were 55 horses on the property at the time, including 25 boarders and 26 rescues. “Approximately 15 horses were within 100 yards of the fire, in pastures next to and behind the house,” Allen related. Fortunately, the Rattlesnake Fire Department, with assistance from the Elizabeth and Bennett departments, managed to contain the fire to the house. “Thanks to their efforts, the horses on the property were never in danger,” she said. “It was later discovered by the fire investigators that a breaker in our garage had arced.”

Love and Support

After joining her family, Allen arranged smoke inhalation care for three of her dogs, grateful for the friend who transported them so she could stay at the farm. Through all the smoke and commotion, the horses remained surprisingly calm, she remembered. “I felt like they knew we had it handled,” she remarked.

Before long, friends and family began to arrive. “Some provided a helping hand moving horses and filling water troughs, while others offered emotional support for our family,” Allen explained, adding, “The outpouring of love and support was incredible.”

Word about the fire spread quickly on social media, where it was picked up by A Home For Every Horse, a national rescue resource that helps match needy equines with “forever” homes. Knowing that Allen’s financial burden would be substantial, AHFEH Digital Project Coordinator Amanda Bodkin sprang into action. Her goal: to find additional assistance for Terolyn Horse Rescue, an AHFEH member facility started by Allen in 2015 after years of personal rescue efforts.

“I went to Tractor Supply Company and Purina with the idea, and they were on board to do it,” Bodkin said. “I knew that by choosing them, we could make an impact and really help one of our rescues.”

Tractor Supply Company came through with a $500 gift card, while Purina kicked in five coupons for free horse feed, always a priority at equine rescues. “I first heard that TSC wanted to make a donation to us when Amanda from AHFEH called me on September 30,” Allen recalled. “I was shocked and overwhelmed with gratitude. I cried on the phone and had to take some time to compose myself.

“I couldn’t believe that a large company like TSC would care enough about our small operation to offer to help us,” she continued. “With their generous donation, we have been able to purchase much-needed feed for our rescue horses, as well as grooming supplies, cleaning tools and veterinary supplies. Purina also donated extra feed coupons to help with the financial stress of feeding our rescue horses while we were recovering from our devastating loss.”

To Corey Hollis, a district manager at Tractor Supply Company, community outreach like this just makes sense. “At TSC, we know there are a lot of customers out there that help animals in need; we are happy to help in those situations when we can,” he said.

A Rescue Rescued

At this writing, things are looking up at Terolyn Horse Rescue. Allen’s new home is close to completion, and she is eager to move in by Christmas.

Meanwhile, her rescue operation has been able to continue its important work, unhindered by the tragedy. “We recently rescued six mares and their young foals from the livestock auction,” Allen reported. “We’ve discovered that each of the mares is also expecting another foal in the spring. That’s 18 more lives changed for the better, thanks in part to the assistance from AHFEH, TSC and Purina.”

For more information about Terolyn Horse Rescue and A Home For Every Horse, and to see a video about Allen’s ordeal, visit To request additional photos or contact information, please email Amanda Bodkin at


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