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Hurricane Irma wreaked havoc on South Florida but she actually saved Teddy’s life. The high winds knocked down a tree which knocked down his fence and small shelter. Without the cover of the overgrown greenery and fence, the neighbor noticed this skinny, dirty large pony for the first time and called the authorities. The Animal Care and Control officer cited the owner and gave him 30 days to provide adequate food and shelter. The owner could not afford the care plan laid out and thankfully, did the right thing by contacting us asking to surrender Teddy, As we drove up to the property, the sadness and sullenness was palpable and this sweet pony was covered in dirt, tangles, and burs.

As we walked him up to the trailer, he was hesitant at first but as soon as he saw the hay net filled with luscious alfalfa, he jumped right in! We went straight to the vets for a coggins and then home for not one, but two baths! Teddy blossomed physically and then much to our surprise, he knew quite a bit under saddle! Before adopting him out we put miles and miles on him and he never spooked despite the scary things he was exposed to… busses, bikes, golf carts, barking dogs, etc. and it was amazing what an honest boy he was! He finally found what we hoped was a forever home with a young girl who a timid rider. Teddy would take care of her without a doubt and he did… until he built up her confidence so much that she wanted to upgrade to a full size horse. Teddy came back to us within the year through no fault of his own. 


Horses That Help, in addition to rescuing and rehabbing horses, provides free horseback riding for children with special needs, at-risk youth, and teens in foster care and although we weren’t looking to add another horse to the program, we decided to test Teddy and he passed with flying colors! This amazing pony has done absolutely everything we have asked of him and unless the absolutely most amazing perfect situation comes up for him, we have promised Teddy that he can stay here forever and be a helping horse and help kids for the rest of his days. Seeing a little girl squeeze his neck and kiss his nose makes us cry every time. All Teddy needed was a chance and this diamond in the rough is now shining!

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