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It all began one morning when I was sitting at the allergy doctor waiting on my allergy shots. I was looking on Facebook at a kill pen’s page of the horses they were selling. I noticed a beautiful gray Arabian mare for sale, and hoped she might be a candidate for my therapeutic riding center. The nurse came in the room to administer my shots and I asked her to give me a minute because I was trying to rescue a horse. Her interest perked up and asked me to explain. I told her I wanted to rescue a horse from a kill pen and hopefully the mare could be used in therapy to help special needs riders. I explained that my problem was finding enough money to save her in such a short period of time. The nurse left the room and quickly returned with a check from the allergy doctor to purchase the horse. I was able to buy the mare, and the nurses named her Allegra.

Allegra and Jazmine

Allegra has been such a blessing for one of our autistic riders. Allegra and Jazmine have developed a wonderful friendship over the last several months. When Jazmine is grooming Allegra, you can see the strong bond the child and horse have formed. In October, Jazmine and Allegra competed in the Special Olympics and won a medal in halter and under saddle. 

I know God had His hand in Allegra coming to be a part of Brave Meadows Therapeutic Riding Center and help others. She is a special horse with a heart of gold. I am excited to see what she and Jazmine accomplish in the future.

Allegra and Jazmine

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