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Story submitted by Rory Ridge Rescue 

Bandit story began as Gus who no one wanted to buy. His owner had him as a companion to their mare. Without any success at selling Bandit aka Gus they took him to a small local Texas auction from there is how he ended up as a young unbroken horse standing at the kill lot with defeat in his eyes. We knew we had to help this young horse. He went to our foster home in Texas where he was just too much for them to handle so off to the trainer he went. Short after being there we knew he needed to make the trip to our rescue in Pennsylvania. A young scared horse is what we first saw. Shortly after we received a text from the trainer telling us that Bandit was a very dangerous horse. I knew the look in his eyes he was a scared helpless horse not understanding what has happened to him. Leaving his home to unknown adventures can be scary to them. 


We will never know what each horse endures whole going through the slaughter pipeline. With care patience and understanding we didn’t have a dangerous horse on our hands. We had a very sweet willing to learn young horse. Each day he showed us more and more love and respect. He’s truly a big puppy dog that will follow you with tiny steps so he doesn’t step on you or go past you. He only wanted to be loved and feel secure. Bandit loves to have his eyelids and ears kissed several times a day. That is not the actions of a dangerous horse thats the results of trust and respect. Bandit will one day soon find his perfect forever home. 

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