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At Riversong Ranch Rescue, we take in horses of all walks of life. In doing so, we have the pleasure of healing and being healed by the gentle giants that cross our path. One such horse was not exactly a giant, but he certainly was gentle. Butterscotch came into our lives after we received a phone call that a yearling was desperately in need of assistance. A kind man had purchased him at auction for only $25 to save him from a horrible fate. Two sweet women, that were friends of his, knew of our rescue and volunteered to deliver him to Riversong Ranch Rescue. Stepping off the trailer, it was evident that this yearling had not received proper care in quite some time. 


He was emaciated and his growth had been stunted. At arrival, Butterscotch was adorable, trusting and in great need of care. Our workers carefully started Butterscotch on a feeding regiment and ultimately rehabbed him on Equine Jr. His before and after pictures speak for themselves. 


During his time with us, his sweet nature and calm demeanor was apparent from the beginning and he became the rescue ambasador during his rehab. He loved to meet and greet all of the visitors coming and going. One day, he decided to tour the house, in search of a quick snack! Butterscotch is now in a loving adoptive home. We hope to get more updates from his adopted family very soon… 


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