Epilogue: The FEARLESS Blind Horse Rescue Saga

Last month, in multiple posts, I blogged about Mikey, the reader who drove 2,400 miles to rescue an abandoned blind horse. Here she is in her rig with the FEARLESS plates, pulling out of the auction yard with a sightless mare in her trailer, heading for Shiloh Horse Rescue south of Las Vegas.

Here’s how the mare, now named Keller (after Helen Keller), is getting along:

* She’s settled in very well. She’s out of quarantine and living in a corral set up especially for the needs of sightless horses. She has two other blind horses there to keep her company in a mini-herd environment, and gets her share of attention from visitors–which she soaks right up.

To keep up with Keller’s activities and see photos of her progress, go to Shiloh’s Web site, click on Daily Blog, and enter Keller in the search box. The folks at Shiloh remember to include her progress from time to time. Or, click here to see her sponsorship page and numerous photos of her in her new surroundings.

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