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Story submitted by New Mexico Horse Rescue at Walkin N Circles Ranch

Kasi came to our ranch in June 2013. She was very emaciated and weak. As she gained strength and weight, we realized she did not trust people, and we were not able to halter her.


At the time, she shared a paddock with a young horse named Hitch who I sponsored. I decided to foster Hitch at my home in December 2013 so I could finish his training. It was difficult to separate Kasi and Hitch because they were joined at the hip. So, I decided to foster both of them and they came to live with my herd, Slick and Ruby, two horses I had already adopted from Walkin N Circles Ranch.

Though I was scared and didn’t know where to start with Kasi, I knew she deserved a chance. It took me a month of working with her daily to be able to halter her. After that, teaching her to lead was easy. I then started working with two great trainers who helped elevate her training and taught me how to treat her with massage, alternative therapies, supplements, and oils.

Kasi had a lot of scarring on her back and missing hair. A vet told me that the scars were a result of her being severely beaten and she probably would never be rideable. We also discovered she was blind in her left eye due to being whipped; yet another challenge for this little girl to overcome.

A year later, the same vet was shocked at the progress Kasi had made and gave his approval to start her under saddle.

Despite all of these challenges, Kasi continued to learn and share her love with all of us. Today, this little mustang is happy, vibrant, and living life as she should. She is now rideable and has been adopted by a wonderful new family. 


Was she worth all the hard work? Yes! She was one of the best decisions I ever made because she had taught me more about life, patience and love. Plus, I now understand what pure love is and that with time — horse time — you can accomplish great love with the most abused animal. What a gift she was to me!

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