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Minerva was rescued from severe starvation, directly from her owner/breeder, when Minerva was a yearling. She was adopted out but was returned. After a series of foster homes, we decided to give Minerva a permanent home at our sanctuary. So many people just don’t know how to handle these young, untrained horses. Minerva was quite a wild thing when she was young. But now, through excellent care and training, she is one of our stars in our horsemanship program. She is one of our horses who is safe for beginner riders. This year Minerva helped 2 little girls finish their Level 1 horsemanship. 

One of them is returnee Juliette. She and Minerva teamed up in our Anna Hill Parelli Professional workshop here in September and we love sharing these special photos of their special relationship. 

Minerva and Juliette. September 2018.
Minerva and Juliette. September 2018.

These photos by Katie Overvaag and Bella Luce Photography. Horse Help Providers Inc. has permission to share them with the world!

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