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Story submitted by Off Track, On Course Thoroughbreds

We have been lucky to have a young, 3 year old mare named Call Darling join us here at Off Track, On Course Thoroughbreds. She retired from racing due to juvenile arthritis and was struggling with some soundness issues. She has been part of our program prior to us purchasing the farm and was, unfortunately, bounced around a bit between foster homes. I guess sometimes it takes a couple of misfortunes to land in the perfect place! Our Darla is finally pending adoption by her current foster home despite her issues and this rather interesting match up. Her current foster family consists of a mother and daughter riding team that are both a bit newer to riding, and I would not have pegged appropriate for a 3 year old off the track. Darla is smart and sensible, and her foster family have been committed to keeping her in a program with a professional and have just fallen head over heels in love with her.

She is currently sound, and even with an unknown future of abilities, their love for Darla conquers all. She has a young girl who adores every ounce of her and we enjoy the constant updates on how everyone is doing. Darla is thriving where she is despite this normally considered “mismatch” of horse and rider and we have had the pleasure of approving an adoption where the horse is, despite all odds, completely not stereotypical of her breed and age, and a family that is open minded and truly learning as much as they can to make this relationship harmonious. We are also lucky enough to live in close proximity to them and are only a phone call away in case any help or advice is needed.

It is always harder to place a horse with limitations and approving adoptions that are a bit out of the norm can prove to be difficult. In this case, everything turned out perfect and a very deserving horse has found her forever family! 


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