An adopter tells us about the horse she brought home from the Equine Comeback Challenge in Denver.

I adopted 5 year old Remeny from the Comeback Challenge in Denver. Her name has since been changed to Remy because it is easier to call her to come home when she is out in the field. When I went to the event I had no plans to adopt a horse but the minute I saw her I wanted her. 


Remy and one of her new family members.

She very closely resembles my older mare Tika who is the best horse in the world but is getting too old to ride. My daughter-in-law and granddaughter and I went to visit Remy in her stall and she was every bit as sweet as I hoped. Brooklyn, my granddaughter, went in the stall with her while she was laying down and Remy was perfectly content to be cuddled without even getting up. 

Michelle, my daughter-in-law spent the next day at the event waiting to bid on Remy for me since I couldn't be there. Long story short Remy became ours and came home to Westcliffe. Since then she has been everything I hoped. Remy is ridden by me, my 8 year old grandson, Calvin and 10 year old Brooklyn. Brooklyn entered and won an obstacle course competition on her. I have taken western dressage lessons on her. Weall take turns trail riding on her. I was a little concerned about her age because I have never owned such a young horse but it seems she is an old soul in a young body, very gentle and very dependable. 

The real measure of Remy is the way my husband feels about her. Despite the fact that I have always had horses, Remy is the first one he is not at all afraid of. She will always be a permanent member of the family.