Report from Mikey's Rescue Bus (Saturday a.m.)

Mikey just called to say she’s about 2 1/2 hours from the livestock market. Cell reception is spotty in Idaho’s mountains, so we didn’t get to dwell long on the phone. Details of her drive will have to wait–but the good news is, the sun’s coming up, so she won’t have to keep truckin’ in the dark.

I’m about to go load a few essentials into the truck, and head south to meet her. On the list:

* Coffee–lots.
* Goodies for a tailgate breakfast.
* Camera.
* Thank-you card for Mikey, with check enclosed for first month’s sponsorship of The Horse.
* iPod, loaded with “I Drove All Night,” by Roy Orbison. (Join the mood by hearing it on YouTube.)
* Helpful husband, in case we need extra aid in loading The Horse into Mikey’s trailer.
* Room left for two other friends, Steve and Chris, who also want to come along and meet the FEARLESS rig as it arrives.

To be continued.

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