The Horse Nobody Wanted: Part 2

Shiloh Horse Rescue in Nevada has agreed to take in this blind horse, who was abandoned at a livestock auction after eliciting no bids.

When I wrote last week’s post about the blind horse left at a livestock auction after no one would bid on him, I expected some riled-up responses. No matter how practical/utilitarian your mindset, it’s hard not to feel something for an animal who got ditched the way this one was.

I didn’t expect anyone to step up and offer to make sure he (she?) would have a home. But that’s what happened when blog reader Mikey caught my post. So here’s the situation as it now stands:

* Two weeks after being run through the sale ring without a bid, even from the buyers who acquire horses for the processing market, the blind horse remains at the livestock market. A good-hearted employee has taken over its care, and is working with Mikey on all the legal-paperwork arrangements for transport to another home.

* Mikey–who happens to be a farrier–is leaving home this Friday to come and get the horse. She’ll attempt to trim its grossly overgrown feet when she gets to the livestock market. Employees will assist her in loading the sightless horse into her trailer. Schedule permitting, I’ll be there to meet Mikey and thank her in person for her actions.

* Mikey will take the horse to a rescue facility in Nevada, where arrangements have been made for its arrival and subsequent care. (Mikey has declined offers to help pay for her fuel bill, suggesting that sponsorship funds go to the rescue facility instead. Seeing as how I stirred this whole story up, I’ll definitely be contributing to Shiloh Horse Rescue.)

Of course, as the saying goes, it ain’t over until it’s over. Stay tuned for further updates on Mikey’s Mission of Mercy, and keep her in your thoughts while she’s out there on the highway.

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