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Story submitted by Horse Helpers of the High Country

Violet is a white miniature mare that today lives in a stall with her own chandelier, wears Build-a-Bear shoes, and wears a crown. She gets everything she needs to continue healing. Violet arrived at the rescue spring 2017 so thin and cripple we carried her off the trailer in a sling. Her hooves were so long she was unable to walk and she had foundered, so even if her hooves had been shorter walking was too painful. She was a horse where her first days here we had to consider the option of euthanasia. Was the pain too great and unmanageable? But it was clear from day one that she was a fighter. And her spirit convinced us that we had to support her in her struggle. Beyond being only about 100 pounds, her front hooves had been so curled up they were starting to push into her legs and her back hooves were so long they had turned her legs out, placing unimaginable pain on her hips. 


We love our farrier but what he did to help Violet was nothing short of magic. Meantime, a Violet sponsor was losing her heart to Violet. Violet picked her new Mom and Dad, they came regularly to help clean her stall, help her walk a few steps each day and spend time with her. It was only a matter of time before we were talking about Violet going home with Karen and Steve. They had the skills to continue her specialized care, the commitment, the love and the funds. Every day will be hard fought for Violet, even a year after her rescue. She can never have grass again and she will probably never run across a pasture like we all wish she could. She has good days and bad days, but she has friends among them goats and donkeys. She has a large area that she enjoys where she can go out and bake in the sun and amble around talking to the ducks and the goats. With her shoes on, she takes walks with her Mom to visit all her animal friends and go down by the stream. She is happy and her pain is managed with only occasional pain medicine. She is such a hero, Violet deserves her chandelier and wears her crown proudly! 


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