A Home for Every Horse Rescue Success Story: Dapple

Reading Time: 2 minutes When a rescued equine finds the right home, it?s magic. Just ask Richard Kaiser of Crystal Lake, Illinois, who adopted a pony named Dapple through A Home for Every Horse on Equine.com on March 24, 2012.

Rescue Report: Finding a Trainer

Reading Time: 3 minutes Finding a trainer can be like dating: painful and awkward until you find the right one. But I needed to find a good eventing trainer for my rescue horse, Banjo. I wanted to learn about eventing, a completely new discipline for me. I’d been attending local events to observe people competing at the lower levels. […]

Rescue Report: Opal, and a Visit from Mom

Reading Time: 3 minutes Cate Lamm, an avid horsewoman, has been a part of Colorado Horse Rescue (www.chr.org) for 10 years. There, she?s served as head of the adoption committee, has acted as general manager and now works as a rehabilitation trainer. Lamm has owned a number of h

Our Journey

Reading Time: 2 minutes Do you believe in fate? Or serendipity? I do, and I have a horse to prove it. Another saying that applies to my story is, you don’t always get what you want?.you get what you need. My last horse Luna, was from the Colorado Horse Rescue where I have spent 10 years helping to find […]

Rescue Me

Reading Time: 4 minutes If you care about horses, it’s hard to stand by and do nothing when you see a horse in trouble. For that reason, many equine professionals find themselves getting involved in equine rescue. Although many large-scale equine rescue operations exist, involvement in horse rescue can be as simple as providing safe haven to an occasional […]

Laine Ashker’s First 4-Star Finish

Reading Time: 3 minutes Meet Laine Ashker, an eventer who left several Olympic veterans in her dust at the 2006 Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event.

One Blind Horse, Four Caring Women, One Year Later

Reading Time: 2 minutes Last year at about this time, I was blogging about the blind Appaloosa I’d encountered at a livestock yard in Idaho. When no one bid on her, the consignor/owner abandoned her there. She was subsequently cared for by an employee, Janet, but Janet knew the horse couldn’t stay there forever. In what I still think […]